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B Ā B E N (n)

(Ā is used to denote a long A)

Origin: from a childhood mispronunciation, in reference to ‘bathing suits.’

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Made in Los Angeles, California, with the highest quality fabrics: GRS, OEKO-TEX, and Higg Index certified

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"Bāben is the epitome of effortlessly cool Californian style"

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

"I just got my cowboy boot bikini and sarong in the mail and let me just tell you...I'm obsessed. I've never loved a bikini and skirt more. I want to live in this forever"

Emery - Bāben Customer

"Everything is seriously amazing, fits so well and is the best quality"

Amanda Dawson

"This is honestly my new favorite swimsuit. I had to get it for the print, but fell in love with how well it fits"

Su - Bāben Customer

"Even more beautiful in person"

Amanda - Bāben customer

"These boardshorts are the cutest! I had to get another pair for my friend since her birthday was coming up"

Megan - Bāben Customer

"Love the design, super cute! And comfy!! You can see the love put in"

Bāben customer

"I wore Bāben nonstop all summer! Most flattering by far than my others"

Bāben customer