Our Story

B Ā B E N ( n 

(Ā is used to denote a long A) 

Origin: from a childhood mispronunciation, in reference to ‘bathing suits.’

BĀBEN is a women’s swimwear and lifestyle brand with meaningful details, timeless style, and eclectic sensibility. The brand was founded from the desire to live in freedom - for the woman with wind in her hair. From the beach to the streets, BĀBEN creates versatile pieces that push the boundaries of their category with bikinis, boardshorts, and clothing that are both sporty and feminine.

Made in Los Angeles, California, BĀBEN is crafted with nostalgia for the past with the softest, most-luxurious fabrics to endure for years to come. Each collection shares a focus on design with attention to detail, classic silhouettes, and bespoke prints, for the woman who stands out with elevated ease. 

Strong, yet gentle all at once, like a wave knows where it’s going, a woman is a force to be reckoned with. BĀBEN celebrates women’s strength, beauty, and reminds them that they can be everything under the sun and more. In the spirit of childhood dreams that survived, BĀBEN inspires women around the world to live a life they dream of.


 The Women Behind The Brand

Laguna Beach based Mother - daughter duo Tamara and Hanna Dorman founded BĀBEN in 2021 with the intention of empowering and connecting to all women with their distinctive designs. Hanna graduated with her BFA in fashion design from Otis College of Art and Design and worked in New York City for notable luxury brands Coach and Ralph Lauren. Amidst her time there, she dreamt of bringing the same attention to detail she learned working in high fashion to the swimwear industry.

In the year of 2020, Tamara and Hanna were reunited in California, and as time slowed down they found comfort in looking at old family photos. The two were deeply moved by the feelings captured in photos of Tamara in the 70’s - moments basking in the sun, skateboarding with total freedom, and the nostalgia of summers gone by. Soon after, Hanna began sketching designs that shared this feeling of warmth, joy, and timelessness. With Hanna’s love for surfing and life centered around the beach she began to realize the need to create a brand for women who value fashion-forward, yet playful beach attire. Together, they began their entrepreneurial journey of starting a timeless swimwear brand. 

Hanna says her mom has not only shaped her style, but her outlook on life. She always sees the light in every situation. It’s a special bond, and one that is unbreakable. As a brand, this sense of love shines through into everything they create. In our own words, “I love you, so I set you free to shine around all things like the sun.”