Our Story


 B Ā B E N ( n )

(Ā is used to denote a long A) 

Origin: from a childhood mispronunciation, in reference to ‘bathing suits.’

B Ā B E N is a women’s swimwear and lifestyle brand with meaningful details and timeless style. Our pieces bridge the gap between fashion-forward and playful beach attire. The brand was founded from the desire to live in freedom - for the woman with wind in her hair. From the beach to the streets, B Ā B E N designs pieces that push the boundaries of their category. Made with bespoke prints, eclectic embroideries, and vintage-inspired silhouettes, for the woman who stands out with elevated ease.
Designed and manufactured locally in Los Angeles,
B Ā B E N is crafted with nostalgia for the past, and the highest quality fabrics to stand the test of time.
At our core, we are inspired by the unbreakable bonds between us and the women that raised us. Made to uplift women, each piece tells a story of its own and is a testament to the powerful dualities within them. Strong, yet gentle all at once, like a wave knows where it’s going, a woman is a force to be reckoned with. Our brand is a reminder that you can be everything under the sun and more.
Nature is our greatest source of inspiration. With a deep-rooted love for the ocean and a life built around it, we are always seeking ways to give back to it. One of our ongoing initiatives is our partnership with SeaTrees. For every piece sold in our signature seaweed print, we restore 5 square feet of kelp, creating critical habitats for hundreds of species while sequestering carbon.

 The Women Behind The Brand

B Ā B E N was founded in 2021 by designer, Hanna Dorman and her mother and guiding light, Tamara Dorman.
Hanna graduated with a major in fashion design and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Otis College of Art and Design. After working in New York City for notable brands, Coach and Ralph Lauren, she returned to her roots in California to launch her own label. Her admiration for surfing, the ocean and life centered around the beach made her realize the need to create a brand for women who value fashion-forward yet playful beach attire. Her inspiration stems from collected vintage pieces, photos of her mother in the 70’s, new wave music, and most of all, the way the sun sparkles on the ocean. With eclectic embroideries, Hanna’s own hand-drawn, and painted prints, B Ā B E N evokes the spirit of childhood dreams that survived.
From the beach to downtown, the duo seeks to empower and to connect to all women, and to be with them on their way to learning to love and adorn their bodies. In Hanna’s own words, “I love you, so I set you free to shine around all things like the sun.”